2003 Postgraduate specialization in technical translation (D.E.S.S. Industrie de la Langue et Traduction
  Spécialisée) from Paris 7 University.
 I wrote my master’s thesis of translation in the field of nanotechnologies
  applied to computer architectures.
  I also created a bilingual English/French terminological database (programmed with Microsoft Access). My third
 major project was a user’s manual in technical writing, along with different projects linked with websites.

 2002 Graduate degree in Literature, Languages and Foreign Civilization from Lyon 2 University. My thesis was a
  critic of the translation of Philip K. Dick’s Ubik, and proposed a new translation.

 1998 Graduation specialized in Literature at BERTHOLLET High School in Annecy (France)

 1997  U. S. Graduation, after one year as a senior (12th grade) in an American High School

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